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About Los Hermanos

Grown in northern Argentina’s extreme region of Salta, Hermanos wines express the unique characteristics of the high desert with approachable flavors and unbeatable value. Hermanos vines are nourished by the ultra-pure water that percolates from the Andes mountains that tower above the vineyards. The consistent and extreme solar intensity above 6,000-feet altitude gives the wines intense aromas and soft tannins.

The Domingo brothers, or "hermanos," form a team of a second-generation winemaker (Rafael), a viticulturist (Osvaldo), and a businessman (Gabriel, who is also a goat cheese maker). Their family was instrumental in pioneering the Cafayate Valley of Salta, often having to build their own roads and gravity-fed reservoirs in order to grow vines in their ideal terroirs.

About Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates is a global wine company with a leading international portfolio of new world wines. With roots dating back to 1843 with the establishment of the Lindeman’s Vineyard in Australia’s Hunter Valley, the history of Treasury Wine Estates is vast. As a global influence, Treasury Wine Estates’ 54 remarkable brands tell unmatched stories of dedication and persistence. The Treasury Wine Estates portfolio includes iconic brands such as Colores del Sol, Lindeman’s, Penfolds, and Rosemount.

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