BBQ and Craft Beer Festival at The Sedalia Center


BBQ and Brew!! That’s always a good combination and this year’s 20th Annual BBQ at Sedalia on May 16 will be just that—a competitive BBQ team event like always-- and this year, we’re including a “Craft Beer” tasting that’s sure to please! 

Sedalia’s BBQ Festival is well known in the area and anticipated by those wanting to shake off the cold winter to cook and taste some of the best BBQ anywhere. Teams begin their smoking of the pork the night prior to the event and all know that “low and slow” produces some fantastic BBQ. And this year, we’ll have over 25 craft beers to sample (as well as the usual beer truck). 

With the success of many new craft breweries comes many new beers to try—and what better way to “train your palate” than to taste various beers that will be presented!

BBQ and Brew – Don’t miss the chance for both at the 9th Annual Sedalia Center BBQ!!

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