Virginia's 2022 Blue Ridge Go Cross Cyclocross Race Presented By Deschutes Brewery


7:00 a.m. Saturday September 17 through 5:00 p.m. Sunday, September 18, 2021
Fallon Park Cyclocross Course

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Go Cross Cyclocross Race returns as a 2-day UCI and USA Cycling event the weekend of September 17-18, 2022. Professional and amateur cyclists from all over the world will be headed back to the Roanoke Region this fall to race at Fallon Park, Virginia’s only permanent cyclocross course. This year’s even will also feature a “Bluegrass” theme with live music, Deschutes beer, tailgating parties, the infamous beer relay, food trucks and more. Please join us for a weekend of celebrating all things Blue Ridge…beer, bikes, and blue grass!


Picture mud-splattered cyclists running up hills with bikes flung over their shoulders. Riders smoothly dismounting, leaping over barriers, then jumping back on. Loud cheers, the clanging of cowbells, camaraderie and fun. ( Cyclocross courses are typically 1.5-2 miles off-road, although may include pavement and include a variety of riding surfaces and obstacles including grass, dirt, mud pits, gravel pits, sand, stairs, barriers and a slew of other creative combinations. The races are based on a set time (measured by numbers of laps), not distance. Depending on your category, a race can be as quick as 30 minutes (for beginners), or as long as 60 minutes (for pros). Race officials will see how quickly riders complete the first laps before deciding how many total laps will be completed.


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