We Take The High Road

Here’s to Our Friends and Neighbors

Our experienced team is ready and able to serve your organization at the next community event or fundraiser.

With staff capable of orchestrating and managing beverage distribution from start to finish, Blue Ridge Beverage can supply package and draft beer, wine, and non-alcohol drinks for special events supporting charities, nonprofits, athletic competitions, wine dinners, outdoor festivals, cultural gatherings, and more. Our ability to support any event depends on full compliance with beverage alcohol regulations and licensing requirements.

Giving Back

Fostering community partnerships. Making a positive impact. Contributing to a better world.

Our company is privileged to be situated in the middle of a great state—with opportunities every year for serving those around us. For decades, Blue Ridge Beverage has been committed to charitable endeavors and philanthropy, especially in the communities we serve. We’re proud to give back by donating directly, sponsoring events where legal, serving quality beverages, and supporting local, regional, and national organizations.